This is the year I’m going to produce some of my best work, I’ve decided THIS IS IT! I’m working harder than ever to take my photography to the next level, I’ve got some serious hard work and learning ahead. Feeling more determined than ever! it’s time to get organised, set my goals and hit the ground running, setting daily, weekly and monthly goals! I’m looking forward to collaborating with other artists, business owners, friends; old and new! The time has come for a change in my mind set, key to this is POSITIVITY, no-more self doubt! putting TIME & ENERGY into what I love doing… Image making!

To get things rolling I’ve produced a zine which is a selection of images I’ve made on my iphone se2020, ordinarily these images would never see the light of day and remain hidden from the world stored in some cloud nobody can see or feel, are they even real? Well I’ve managed to make the images real, in this printed Zine of which you can touch, browse while listening to your favourite record, adding to your ever expanding collection of indie Zines


Published by Ashley Hardman

Image maker from the north west

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