Brutalist Melon

Whats the impact of using a public space to create art… can we make more art here? can we have more events here? can we stop people in their tracks, can the idea of an architect that later becomes a reality really influence us? how does a building/space make me feel? can it alter my mood? my outlook in life…

Preston bus station can certainly divide opinion! can it make a business man or woman want to situate their business next to an iconic structure?  what does it make us collectively think? can public buildings/spaces shape a city’s future, what impact does it have on the arts? A public space thats always in transition, a shared space, what can we do with the space collectively? who uses it? what do they think? should there be a more art here? should me and my friends smash more fruit here?


The Pub

For the last 5 years,  I’ve been working on a photography project; Most of the project has been focused around a small family run pub in the Northwest of England; The Moorbrook, there are other pubs included, but decided the project would work better if  I immersed myself in one place, became part of the furniture, got to know the regulars on a personal level, got to know every nook & cranny, there’s been good beer, music, fun, frolics and even politics, here’s some a sneak peek of some of the images that I’ve made


What’s in it for you?

Sometimes when we visit a gallery or pick up a book it’s clear what the artist is communicating to us, other times the artist leaves no clear clues just leaves you… thinking! but what does it all mean? sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t! Even the art I don’t get, I appreciate! (eventually) even if  I’m left thinking… “what’s the point” or “I could have done that” the controversial stuff I love the conversation/debate it creates,  but sometimes its the simplicity of what the art is communicating to me that connects me to the idea, the environment the artist!

without going into any details here is some of my recent photography, does it say anything to you? do you get anything from it? does it challenge you? what’s in it for you?I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you got or didn’t get from the work









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